About us

Eugène de Graaf Conseil is a full-service real estate agency operating in the French Mediterranean region, and specialized in the acquisition and the sale of properties and in property-related services.

Established in 1996 as a 100% service provider, Eugène de Graaf Conseil is especially known for its personal, passionate and professional approach. Our skills are appreciated and recognized by a number of clients

Eugène (1969) is always pleased to meet his objectives in the context of a close and transparent relationship with his clients, based on mutual trust ? and discretion if necessary.

Selling, buying, developing and renting property, but also providing assistance and value reporting are all parts of the large array of services we offer. At Eugène de Graaf Conseil, we?re always willing and proud to share with our clients and relations the knowledge we?ve gathered through years of hands-on experience in the Southern France real estate market.

Eugène de Graaf Conseil is connected with a vast and dependable local and international network of notaries, lawyers, translators, bankers, architects and other professionals. We also have access to the French network of local real estate agents, which offers even more property choices and potential buyers, and to an international network of buyers from around the world.

These networks give us the ability to operate ambitiously and effectively while staying small and flexible. That way, we maintain the "fun" factor in our work and the pleasantness in our relationships. Eugène de Graaf Conseil often enjoys a central position within a team of professionals, leading the transaction to its successful completion. This connecting role fits Eugène perfectly. He speaks 5 languages and building multilingual and multicultural bridges is part of his daily job.

Eugène de Graaf Conseil is registered as EGC Nederland BV in the chamber of commerce of Tilburg (Netherlands) under N°: and works closely with E.G.C. SARL, holder of French "carte professionnelle" N° 2006/34/1394 and listed in the Register of Commerce of Montpellier (France) under N°417 576 253 00021.
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