Are you thinking about selling your home?

With our extensive national and international network, you have a real chance of finding a buyer and agreeing on a good selling price and good selling conditions. During this entire process, we will happily help and advise you. We’ll communicate transparently and draw your attention to important issues, such as the potential obligation to pay a capital gain tax.

First, we will take an inventory of the property you are selling in order to make the best possible value estimate, relative to the real estate market of the moment. Then, together we will define a timetable and a sales strategy. Also during visits, we will try and put "the luck on our side" in order to garner the best offers.

Once a bid on your house is accepted, we will manage the various exchanges with the notary and the other parties who may be involved in your transaction.

On the day of the deed transfer (signature day), before going to the notary’s, we will organize, in everyone's interest, a last visit to your property so that everyone can agree on the condition of the property. We will also be able to read the various main meters together, and, later, we’ll be happy to cancel your utility contracts on your behalf.

All this at a very competitive rate!

Call or email us to get more information on how we can help you! Or fill out the form below, and we we’ll contact shortly.

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