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We often share our experiences in a classic, real-estate broker way, when buying or selling a property. In both cases, clients generally rely on our expertise for the entire process of buying or selling.

But our real estate knowledge is not limited to the process of buying or selling a property. You may also rely on us for parts of the real estate process, or issues which are indirectly transaction-related, such as issues pertaining to divorce, inheritance or estate planning.

In fact, we’re happy to become your "personal assistant" and partner. Our services include:

  • Value Estimations,
  • "Second opinions" on houses or other real estate property,
  • Contact management with property-related companies, agencies or French Government services,
  • Objective evaluations for, and assistance in, renting, purchasing or selling property for which you plan to contract with other agencies or individuals,
  • Searches for suitable rental properties,
  • Property reports (history, structure, materials, pictures, etc.)

Because we’re flexible, eager to learn and serve, our multicultural and customer-friendly team has also been retained for projects not related to real estate. For example, we’ve helped customers with event organization, coaching (for business startups), and we’ve also provided advisory and consulting services.

These services are usually offered on an hourly basis, so you can keep your expenses under control and stay within your budget.

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